Blue Corner DiveBlue Corner Dive adalah salah satu DiveShop yang terletak di Nusa Lembongan, Bali. Perusahaan ini menawarkan berbagai macam program pelatihan PADI yang diajarkan oleh Instruktur PADI professional bersertifikat. Yang Menarik, Andrew Taylor sebagai owner dari Blue Corner Dive juga adalah seorang Reef Check EcoDiver Trainer, dan telah berulang kali melatihkan EcoDiver kepenyelam dan juga surveinya.

Berikut adalah hasil wawancara eksklusif saya (Ayu Laksmi) dengan Andrew Taylor melalui email tentang program Reef Check EcoDiver di perusahaannya. Senin, 02 Januari 2015

Q: How long have you been training Reef Check on you company?
A: “Blue Corner Dive has been training Reef Check EcoDiver students for 3 years from our dive centre located on Nusa LembonganIsland in Bali.Our Reef Check courses are taught by myself (Andrew Taylor), I am one of the owners of Blue Corner Dive and studied marine biology at university followed by working for several years for a marine environmental consulting firm. Here at our diveshop we conduct training programs in marine conservation and surveying”

Q: Please describe about your company?
A: “Our dive center is part of the Lembongan (Nusa Penida) Marine Association which is an organization of companies and individuals on Lembongan which promote safety and environmental responsibility in the local tourism industry. We also partner with the local marine park to help with the yearly coral reef health monitoring program.”

Q: Who is your EcoDiver student?
A: “During the Reef Check EcoDiver this week we had 4 students (2 Australian and 2 French) and we surveyed the coral reef in Cenningan Bay.”

Q: Any feedback and comment or testimony from your student? And any challenge in training implementation?
A: “Cenningan Bay is a beautiful sheltered coral reef which has large areas of Acropora and other hard corals. The reef is located on the edge of a mangrove forest and seagrass bed so has a high abundance of juvenile reef fish and other interesting marine animals. Unfortunately the area is starting to experience greater impacts – with increases of tourist boat traffic in the area and increasing rubbish washing out onto the reef from the adjacent shore. We have now been monitoring this site using both Reef Check and Coral Watch survey techniques for 2 years and we plan to continue monitoring this same reef into the future so that we can see any changes which may take place over time. “

Q: How are people can trainee on your company? Any requirement?
A: “Reef Check courses are taught here at Blue Corner Dive as part of our marine ecology internship option for Divemaster Training. This internship also includes other marine conservation such as Coral Watch reef health survey training, marine ecology lectures, fish identification and manta ray awareness. Reef Check EcoDiver course is also taught as a stand-alone course here at our diveshop for any certified diver who is interested in taking the training program. It is a 3 day certification course and covers marine species identification, survey techniques and ocean training dives. Surveys are conducted on the reefs surrounding Lembongan Island in the Nusa Penida Marine Park. “

Q: Your hope for reef future?
A: “Although there are increasing pressures and damages happening on the reef each year as tourism and population increases in the area, the reefs are now legally protected as marine park. My hope is that with careful management the coral reef ecosystems around Lembongan and Penida stay in a healthy condition with large fish populations and high cover of living coral substrate. “

Q: Thank you, terimakasih, matur suksme Andrew as your working together for better reefs and future

Andrew Taylor, “Reef Check courses are taught here at Blue Corner Dive as part of our marine ecology internship option for Divemaster Training.”

Q: Ayu Laksmi
A: Andrew Taylor

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REEF CHECK INDONESIA and CoralWatch surveys in Cenningan Bay during scientific diver training at Blue Corner Dive


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