Puntondo – South Sulawesi, 28 – 30 November 2011

“Workshop on Citizen Journalism about Coral Bleaching” gives the participants theknowledge and expertise in how toassess and monitor coral bleaching; and to build an effective awareness campaign program withthe use of a citizen journalism approach. As we know, the citizen journalism approach has power to be tool for awareness and campaign program.

Fourteen participants were involved in the activity representing a student research club, NGOs and community groups. They are Marine Science Diving Club Hasannuddin University, Fisheries Diving Club Hassanuddin University, Yayasan Konservasi Laut Makassar and Lembaga Survey Nypah Makassar. Four participants from Kendari were also involved from Bajo Bangkit bulletin.

Parman, a participant from Bajo Bangkit – Kendari, stated that this workshop provides a refreshment about news writing and new knowledge about hot issue as well.

“I got additional knowledge about coral bleaching and also got more enthusiasm to write than before,” explained the man who attended the workshop material with lots of interest.

The workshop was held for three days, where participants discussed the experience of how to manage coral reefs. A combination between presentations, sharing and break out group already made them feel free to provide input fordevelop early warning system, awareness and campaign for coral reef.

“The challenge is turning data about coral bleaching into awareness and campaign materials for schools,” said Yessi Yahya – Lembaga Survei Nypah, “but it (the material and discussion) is very valuable to us”.

The material was presented by Derta Prabuning & Riyan Heri (RCFI), Djufri Rachim (KendariNews.com) and Amar Ma’ruf (WWF – Kendari). The material included the Theory of Climate and Coral Bleaching, Early Warning System for Bleaching, Practical Implementation, How to Communicate and How to Publish Citizen Journalism Article.