Being one of the most popular places in Bali for watersports, Nusa Dua’s marine environment is very important for Bali’s tourism industry.

That’s why Jensi Sartin, Chairman of Reef Check Foundation Indonesia says it’s great news that this week 13 experienced dive leaders and the head of the local branch of the marine tourism authority have become part of Reef Check Indonesia’s EcoDiver network.

“It’s really great to have such experienced dive guides from dive centres in Tanjung Benoa area on board – each of these guys have done more than 500 dives each,” said Mr Sartin who taught the Eco Diver course.

“Across Indonesia, more and more people are joining our EcoDiver network because they love diving and want to do their bit to look after Indonesia’s coral reefs and marine environment.

“We’re always really keen to get the dive centres and other community groups to take active role in a managing and monitoring their local reef. By training them to monitor it, we’ve taken the first step to bring them onto the case.”

Mr Sartin said this initial monitoring team is an important step for Tanjung Benoa area, “if these people didn’t come forward, no one will take care for the reef and it will be unmanaged and likely destroyed.”

” We really appreciate the initiative of all friend who care with coral reef in Tanjung Benoa. The Nusa Dua Reef Foundation who organize the event so we can have this training as well as high motivation from the dive centers owner to sent their dive leaders to be part of the reef check monitoring team in Tanjung Benoa”, said Jensi.

Mr I. Made Tromat, Head of Gahawisri (Indonesian Marine Tourism Association) Badung Region said the newest Eco Divers will take part in coral reef monitoring project this January.

“We’re really happy to join this session especially because we’ve already done hundreds of dives. But by having this course it gives us more understanding about the coral, fish, invertebrates and human and how they interact,” he said. ” We plan to have 16 diver leaders trained but due to the peak season, the first 13 divers trained its already great step for Tanjung Benoa”.

“It will change the way that we dive. In the past we just look, but now we understand more about what we are seeing and if coral looks sick. It’s good for tourism to look after our reefs and beaches.”

The Nusa Dua Reef Foundation in partnership with the Gahawisri approached Reef Check to become EcoDivers.

The Nusa Dua Reef Foundation is sponsored by The Body Shop Foundation.

If you are ready to do something good for Indonesia’s reefs, why don’t you become a EcoDiver too? Go to www.Reef and click “Kontak” for contact details.