60 minutes is one of the most popular news broadcasts in US television, watched by millions of viewers every week. Recently, the show joined a team of marine biologists and dived into what is probably some of the healthiest coral reefs on the planet.

“The Gardens of The Queen”, a reef area off the coast of Cuba, has been fully protected since 1996. The reef now thrives with healthy corals, abundant fish and large predators such as shark and groupers, species which are greatly threatened on a global scale. The keys to success seem to be strict control on both fishing and tourism; only 1000 divers are allowed to visit these reefs per year!

Luckily, you can now experience the biodiversity of this reef together with the 60 minutes team and see how conservation efforts can be successful. Maybe this can be an inspiration for Indonesian coral reef lovers?

Watch 60 minutes visit “The Gardens of The Queen” here